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  • Japanese Inventor Tadahiko Mizuno made positive excess of heat from Palladium deposited on Nickel - LENR Experiment - 250 Watt output heat using 50 watt

    Tadahiko Mizuno - LENR - Palladium and Nickel

    LENR Experiment was successful with excess of heat from nickel-web with coating made of palladium. Inventor/Scientist used 50 Watt to the heater and have output of 250 Watt heat. Also at another experiment with increasing starting heat to 300 Watt, output increased to 2000-3000 WATT(2000 was 100%), it was hard to measure.

    Tadahiko Mizuno published detailed description of the device, full list of materials, and instruction to reproduce this experiment and asks everyone else to repeat this experiment.

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  • Hong Kong Protests: We are not fearful - We Will Continue to Fight

    Some people get used to exploit other people - break away from vicious circle of reproduction and death -
    Fight for your rights and immortality

    Protests in Hong Kong from the Decent people who is tired of so-called ""communism"", somewhere it is called ""capitalism"" but millions of people do not see any difference - because there is no difference. Just different masks of dictature and hidden feudalism. People of China fighting against it, against that cannibals who got used to exploit other people, while they, g0vernors - looks like have brain diseases, because of their own traditions and restrictions of minds - they are limited.

    Viva La Revolution, China People - Be Immortals and Prosper, infinitely.

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    (Full article with two videos from China)

  • China detaily showed How HAARP works

    You still want to live on this sphere? Maybe better to live on your own station in space?

    Some waves are coming from China city, directly into the typhoon/cyclon. And into other places - directly, very accurate, and it is repeating. Them who is not interested in this, who always protects their illusions/believs/genidism - they will say some another nonsense about it. But who is, minimally, Sapiens - it will be really interesting(link under description)

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  • Why Elon Musk is liar and hoaxer - shortly about it in this video

    Alternative to fueled d1cks into space - is at EvgArs.com

    Any technology, that will let to be someone more free, more powerful, independent, to have their own resources, or just better, even if cost of it is low - will be suppressed. But we will break it. There will be all - and even more.

  • Definition of insanity

    Insanity is doing the exact... same boring thing... over and over again expecting... something to change...that is crazy. FarCry3

    Stu(d1e) - Work - Consume - D1e.. Why there is no god? Because if he/she existed, and if he/she is so much powerful - world could be , not as we have, horror, nightmare, creepful, lie, illusion. Why there was no evolution from millions of years of births and deaths? Because no one changed anything - them who was supposed to evolve did only one thing: hollowed each other. All that theories and religions(rely on) made only to distract you, to control you, make each other fight each other, to do everything out of you.

  • Its a killing of personality, of free will, and stuffing with pseudo-will, pseudo-intelligence.

    You should, you must, this is your duty,
    Today there is many methods to manipulate people, and in this video is showed "from where it is coordinated", also I will add from myself: There is mushrooms, poisonus one for example. Lets call g0verment, officials - mushrooms. And humanity - roots, mycelium. So, if you don't like mushrooms - you need to get rid of roots, mycelium, and become somewho better by yourself.

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