About Humans

What is humans? It is cattle, fuel-biomass, and there is billions of them, worms with bones, disposable

Whyfor is schools to? Kindergartens, colleges, universities, other institutions?
Welcome to the farm of humans.
Now there is project to reduce quantity of slaves from 7 billions to 0.5 of billion(500 millions), you maybe seen the Georgia Guidestones(Stonehenge).

Cattle, slaves, plebs, biomass

How can you call these beings, that live by the programs putted into them? Many special institutes, including school - made to program you, to enslave you, and make zombies - Batteries. There is many of methods to subdue you, and there are more of them. But you can know them. In film Matrix, with poor/miserable atmosphere(compare to GoldRan Anime for example, Transformers Headmasters), same as this world(dEarth), - there was said in film Matrix, that guilties is machines. In fact - people is machines too, chemical, biological. Thousands of years they do the same, complain about the same, Humanity is Cannibals, exploiting, deceiving, or somehow else eating each other. Also, so called "machines" from matrix could/did read articles and materials of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Shaurberger - sorry, but after it is no need of humans at all, and all other organic life. At least, there will be no need of making babies/reproduce/be slave of that organs, this is minimally - Cybertron. People, Humans created Matrix, not machines - and all the diseases with it.

There is no any sense to make babies/continue the family

Love is disease, with a number F63.9, classification of World Health Organization. Just its easy to control slaves through this thing, between your legs. The main thing of it - is to tease you right, to play with you - and you will have, what you want - slaves.

Of course it is miserably, to have slaves - there is other mechanisms, as rivers, wind, other, even made by you, other - you can create your own, and have everything better and better, without trashing yourself/your time, it is better than to have slaves(too much problems with them).

Parents was brainwashed, now they spead the virus inside them into the heads of other people.

But they not live - they are consumables, as workers, sol-diers, humans for experiments(social too), officials, dolls, and etc. This is total Civilizhet. Planet Cannibalia.

Take off from the female-s their uterus, - and they are not needed to you. Or take off from the male's their worm with eggs - and you not need them at all. Genderial organs forcing, through nervous impulses - to do special, disgusting, wasteful things. Genitals sucking your blood, and making toxic wastes - and you need to put them off from yourself. And what benefits giving to you genitals? No benefits - only misery, and emptyness, nightmares, nothing more. Surgery can help with it.

To save you from the punishment of the bio-masses, because they can punish you for reading it - better to agree with idiots, play carefully and wisely with them, role-play - to save yourself. Do what they want. But when you will gain some forces, power, resources, and there will be your will and sure-ness or just strong will - break it without any doubt, without any mercy - on this planet everyone is born to be disposed, and after all - just to die. Do not let anyone or anything to use you - you don't need to change this world, I think you need just another world, and this, planet dEarth - just to erase, clean it up away into the dust, to make this lie-ful nightmare unexistant absolutely, planetary dust.

Some people wants to escape vicious cycle of reproduction and death, with the unlimited technologies and discoveries.

Humanity - is the swamp, and your first enemy

Tell please - you want to live? Any sober being will say yes. Now look: People, humanity, producing to this planet other humans not to let them live, to prosper, to progress, but to pump out from themselves their waste, biological-trash, and by the most stupid and dirty method - make for themselves servants, slaves.

Like it? Human appeared to existence only because of two bodies, male and female, needed to pump-out their biological-trash, wastes, into each other.

They, slaves, also called workers, secretarians, employees(lick-oyees, suck-oyees). And they must believe, that they are doing right, everything good. Themselves is reloading programs in their heads, that was putted into them. This lie is called <<""Hope"">>.

People, humanity, do not want to let you do, what you want, what is interesting to you - they do not want to let you live freely, to become real immortal, powerful, impossible to kill, free, free also from cult of reproduction(s*x) - they produced you here, only to make you work for them, to consume you, to let you kill yourself with tabacoo, alchohol(ethanol, methanol and etc), they also expecting from you some more slaves, babies, as you, to replace, of course you(or make them even more, more babies - more slaves) - and die Thats all.

Humanity - is enemy, virus, contamination, they betrayed themselves, they will die, and they want to take you with them. I think it is easy and understandable, what we need to do with them. While they are existing, we are in great danger. Get rid of them away once and forever, it is possible, make yourself free from genitals organs, its difficult, hard - but really possible.

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