^ Project 1 ^


High advanced hybrid of Man and Machine

Some saying, that evolution was because some beings reproduced and died too much, and did it for million years. Other saying, that it was a big explosion(where -_-?), or big dog or god from the satellite at orbit, created everything(but where that thing was before of it?)

Everything else. If no one will do anything, if they will do the same - there will be no evolution. ""Insanity is doing the exact... same boring thing... over and over again expecting... something to change...that is crazy. FarCry3""

Man have many minuses(dis-advantages):
Heavy self-polluting(olding itself), low energy capacity, lacking of its own energy source, weak and low durability/strenght, slow regeneration, very brainwashable(specially in big masses of people), many anathomical weaknesses and limitation, including mental/head - problems with growth and rational progress, because of the total restriction of it(""BE SAME AS OTHERS, BE ORGANIZED"" and all other bullstuff, just to calm you and enslave).

Your age is limited to 100 years, no more. Explanation is simple: you will be old. If no - they will help you. And very fast. If something - will kill. So called god-dog or some agressive cerber with dirty genitals.

But some people still want to live, not to exist in the state/regime/mode of role-play/rituals, teasing each other with things between legs(genitals), creating pseudo-society based on fetish, variety of idiotisms and crazyness-es, and other mind/chemical infections. Thats why appeared cybernetics, biology, electromagnetics(just names of one big thing) - this is what you can achieve by yourself, as it was showed in, for example - Transformers HeadMasters(and Super God Master Force), in anime/cartoons from Sunrise(GaoGaiGar for example), Tekkaman Blade, Danny Phantom(you can ask me for this animes).

We think, that we need to escape the vicious circle of reproduction and death.
There is a phrase, maybe new for you: "Come instead of morgue to the Cybertron - stop producing corpses".

One of us used insurance to make himself cybernetic eyes, new, real, man aged more than 70, I didn't asked about his age, but he told me(and I seen him). Healthy, alive, man.

And something important
Love = is disease, classification of World Health Organization, psychical disease, number F63.9(google it).
If someone bullstuffing you for years, brainwashing, about hollowing each other, make a looking like you agree with it, if you have more powers - send them to ""Have a Nice Day"", lawfully. But if you have many, enough powers - you can sent them to the hospital for experiments(death), you can do it with teachers for example, unwanted people, (they made that institutions, hospitals - so lets help them kill each other).

To make at least metal spoon - you need metalurgy. To make clothes - nafta oil industry(at least little), to grow cotton, weaving looms(textile machine, machines.) This mechanisms, in big buildings, that can work by itself(automatized), and everyone will be free, and will do as they really want to, if something needed - they can just ask for it, offer something, or just help if needed, but its gone, its lost, by very wisdomful down-high archetypal ierarchy idiots, they infinitely complain or cute-ing, or do something else, but always want to make your mind stuffed. They are just brain crappers.

Another important thing:
In the mask of progress, they try everything to reproduce and enslave us, more and everywhere. Ah no, its called """To Organize""", ah, no its not brainwashing, making of zombies - its to educate, to raise. Wow huh.

Human is something old. It accumulates in his gender organs waste, trash, that is required to pump-out, clean-up, same as go to toilet. And from this process appearing new humans. Through the ass. Canalization is mixed with creation studio - How Nice(sarcasm).There is pheromones, super feromones, made to fool around men, attract them to the incubator(woman), and to dress up them on the nozzle(uterus). Mostly as you see, there is used girl/woman pictures, videos, voices, so one half of people is used as attractive, second used as victims. If people have constantly inflamation in genderial organs, they are easy to control. Nice thing between your legs - bio-controller? They are slaves, role-players, toleratians, walking penis/walking vagina. its easy to stuff their heads with anything.

Gun is a lot better than couple. Also Brains. With it you can protect yourself, achieve what you want, and also, specially - all the bed is your. There is people, for example, with age 20, 30, 40 - they don't have their own bed. Genderial organs didn't gave me anything good, and to others of course, too (if mind is altered by hormones, its not understandable). let them perish, that lovely scums.

In GaoGaiGar, Lord Pasdar said: "Civilization is destined to disappear". Yes yes evil man. Of course. I believe in it. Yeeeee... Lets research it a little: Guy(Gai), Golden Cyborg - was kept underground for 2 years(and he said it by himself in cartoon/anime!). 2 years!!!. He was kept there unconscious, senseless(maybe there was some system to keep him alive, or brain could die). And looks like to our heroes - its normal thing.

Different to our so called "Heroies", Zonderians didn't used slaves. Today they are called workers, operative, servant, labor, secretary, builder, and etc. - different names, same thing. It was made to make slaves think less, or they are getting hurt with truth that they are slaves.
Zonderians repaired themselves by themselves, and did everything by - themselves, they invested their efforts, will, doings into technologies, unlimited, not into the cult of meiozis(sex), fetish, toxic plays and other mind diseases. Into technologies and their own will. And it is not everything, it was just examples. When anime was showed, things I said was dangerous to show(even now) - because of it, they added some oppressive things and to zonderians too - or they will be too good, and anime could be restricted on TV.

If there will be no babies - there will be no humanity!11 Its not allowed! More babies! Its your continuation! Babies is the sense of life!11 It is love, it is your happiness - you see, it smells good, its baby, delicious piece of meat, more tasteful that sousage, hot god, bun - it means that you must produce them(reproduce yourself) too.
Simple biological mechanism, that was left to us as rudiment, obsolete thing. Genderial organs is not needed at all - its useless, futile thing, of course if you are mindful being, not a cattle(family), prostitute, cannibal(p01itician), or who else?
There is many other mechanisms, on this planet and out of it, mechanisms created by our own - slaves is not needed at all. The one who have the slaves, is the most deep slave, because he is depends on that slaves - without them he/she is nothing. Mind limited biological scumbag.

H\/manity will disappear, and what? You will not have babies - and what? All the moneys are your, you do not have duty/forced to be slave as your and other parents, finally you will can do what you want. All that loves, babes, girls, guys, boys - glue of society to control you through the nymphomania - all this made to make a monkey, cattle out of you, enslave you and destroy your brains.

I as military know the simple truth: If I will disappear(die), and/or I will can't have vital repair of myself(surgery, foods, electromagnetics, restoring) - it will be not important to me, is there something after me, or no. But everywhere trying to stuff our heads with idiotism/nonsense as: "I did many things, and now I can die happy", no, its rave, its crap.
Law of battlefield: You must to come back, alive, whole, healthy, or everything will not have any matter, any sense, any value.

Some of us saying: ""After us - any disaster, even grass will not grow. "" You want to know why? Because they are produced on this planet only to work, to serve, to reproduce itself, doesn't matter on what profession, it is only function, poor, miserable thing, - and after, forcing you(with all possible methods) work more and more, to the end of your days - with forcing you to make another slaves - your babies. Also you will need to make them grow by yourself. And when it is complete - d1e. Wow, let it go away, I live primely, firstly, for My Self. I am the most important, what I have. Most working thing is to pollute man by chemicals, lie, other trashful information, and with something else, to make him forget everything, and make - zombie.

Technology, letting us be more clean and pure beings, without need to go to toilet. I think its nice. Similar to it there already is Nafta-Oil Processing Cube, that letting make nafta-oil processing factories really small.

LINK: Reaktors, generators - and Nafta-Oil Cube
(Turn On English Subtitles or read the text in video description)

Some technologies:


EvgArs.com - Blog of Evgeniy Arsentev - Vortex Technologies(use translator)

Mishin Coils(Alexander Mishin) - Vortex Technologies(ENGLISH)

Cabin of Reich(for restoring health, testing it - use subtitles)

PDF File of blueprint to make Armored Hand - DropBox - Download

Armor Templates and How to Make them(Also in internet, there is Pepakura, papercraft)

There always is choice. Choice is ours.

Samsara Wheel. Dead end. Vicious cycle/circle. Washing off into toilet. You want to let people birth and die, to be slaves, to put themselves and their babies into slavery, on this planet - where is only nightmare, lie(haha with colors for eyes and fake happiness) and horror(irrationality), that always is hiding by something as smiles, spam, bullstuff - or to try to do what no one did?

Lived 80 years, worked, produced same beings as you - and died. Wow. Cool. Nice.

Escape vicious circle of reproducing and death

Upgrade, Advance, Upgrade yourself, make everything with your hands and head, not through ""one place"" - even babies. Making babies by crapying into each other(you seen it I think) - is minimally disrespect to life itself. Stop tolerating it, find a ways to Transform ourselves, to become real and absolute immortals, break-ff any limitations, this is what I mostly want. How about you? You want to play game ""R@pe someone else And Use them All"", and after it finally to die - or to get out from this horror-nightmare-planet-(d)earth?

To do what you want, - what is really interesting >to you<, not to be programmed as zombies/raised/micro-chip-ed/bio-controlled cattle.?

Everyone have more powers, happiness, good luck, Prosper, freedom, full independence become real absolute immortals, have a Ethernal divinity) .

But for them who is not supporting it/acting/I mean lying - it is your fault. You selected not to fight, but to be as jabba hutts or its servants. To trash all the universe with the babies? No, no one will let you do it. Stuffed animals, cannibals, maskali = feudals, you will can't live outside your burning-out world, and there will not be your another regime/order with golden billion, ah no - 500,000,000 as it is sayd on Georgian Guidestones(Stonehenge). If you think that human must be mortal, and everything that we do to make it immortal is impossible, or you use it only to make a show/moneys - then I have to say: process of your utilization will be speeded up, drastically. You are doomed, and you want to doom everyone else, by your families, loves(love is disease F63.9), cults, religions/anti-religions(atheism for example) - without you and your genitals, your defective builded biology - there will be better, cleaner and purer in the universe.

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